"Out of either necessity or ​desire, I’ve happily worn a lot of hats."

Russell "Devlin Jones" Sabin was born in Provo, Utah, but considers himself a San Diego native since his family relocated to San Diego when he was just two years old.  He grew up with a great interest and affinity for art thanks in part to his father who is an accomplished illustrator, and Russ has been drawing since he can remember.  His first foray into professional art production came in his preteen years when he began cutting frisket for print for his father and spent his summers in Seattle working in his uncle’s silkscreen and printing business.  In his mid-teens he taught himself how to program, generate art for video games and compose music on an Amiga computer.  The Amiga computer was also his introduction into creating 3D rendered images.  In his late teens he built his first 3D workstation and taught himself the first version of Autodesk 3D Studio and one of the earliest versions of Adobe Photoshop.  His first big illustration and 3D freelance job came at age 17 where he designed packaging, illustrated a comic book, and did 3D promotional animation for a toy line as marketing material for a trade show.  At age 18 he and a friend made their first from start to finish video game, a shooter game called "Mecha Hunters" using the Amiga and a PC workstation and got it playable on a Sega Genesis.  

His art and media freelance career continued through his late teens working for a variety of creative agencies around San Diego doing both traditional illustration and 3D rendered artwork.  After high school he attended Palomar College with a focus on music intending to be a song composer and opera singer.  However, to pay for his future schooling he took a break from college to join Software Sorcery as a concept and 3D artist developing video games.  This would become his career for the next eleven years working for development studios such as 989 Studios, SCEA, and SOE.  He also started two game studios during that time, Havok Ware and Monkey Studios.  While starting Monkey Studios he also worked as an Art Director on two television pilots which involved extensive 3D elements and heavy use of green screen rendered sets with Enteraktion and Live Entertainment.  Through his game career he has worked as a concept artist, 3D modeler/animator, art lead, art director, and studio head.  

He left the game industry to start a freelance art career, engage in musical endeavors, and work as an audio engineer for live events.  This would lead to nearly a decade of freelance work traveling the world doing live shows and creating promotional materials, mainly in the medical and pharma fields, for various clients.  This included marketing materials such as illustration, graphic design, Email Blasts, Audio recordings, video recordings, photography, Power Point Deck creation/editing, and website design.  He also worked at the events as an audio engineer, camera operator, live stream operator, graphics operator and eventually became a technical director, live show director, and production manager.  During this time, he also developed skills in surgical videography filming mostly in the operating rooms of ophthalmologists for clients such as BMC, Alcon, and Bosch and Lomb.

In 2017 he then semi-retired from live events to get off the road and spend more time with his family.  He moved to Sandpoint, Idaho where he and his wife purchased a small bar.  He continued with his freelance career while concentrating on building up the bar business.   The bar became a massive success under his leadership and mentoring of staff.  While building the bar business Russ developed the skills for another passion of his, and started a career in architectural drafting and home design.  He has designed several homes built in north Idaho as well as many remodels, interior designs, and additions.  He also operates and occasionally still works in the corporate events field.

Russ is always looking for new and exciting opportunities in the creative and marketing worlds.  He enjoys creating art as well as mentoring and managing the next generation of artists.  He is a largely self-taught highly motivated individual who truly enjoys using the entire breadth of his skill set to accomplish any and all tasks.  

MAJOR CLIENTS AND EMPLOYERS:  Software Sorcery + Havok Ware + Monkey Studio + 989 Studios + SCEA + Verant + SOE + American Greetings + Intel + Alcon + Abbott Medical Optics + Bryn Mawr Communications + Bosch and Lomb + AV Concepts + Enteraktion + Live Entertinment + Tevan Tavern + Highfalutin

SOFTWARE USED:  Adobe Creative Suite + Chief Architect + Microsoft Office + Autodesk 3D studio + Autodesk Maya + Autodesk Mudbox + Adobe Substance + Autodesk Revit +  Avid Pro Tools + Apple Final Cut + Apple Logic + UA Luna + Slack + Alienbrain + Figma + Nicepage + Wix + Wordpress + Autodesk Sketch + Clip Studio + Various art and sound plug-ins

ASSOCIATIONS:  United States Bartenders Guild + North Idaho Songwriters Association + North Idaho FARE + Sandpoint Fiction Writing Club + BMWMOA

HOBBIES​: Drawing + Painting + Design + Product Design + Construction + Motorcycling + Motorcycle Camping + Canoeing + Backpacking + Playing in bands + Surfing + Cooking + Bartending + Video Games + Creative Writing + Travel