Devlin Jones Creative Studio and Russ "Devlin Jones" Sabin has a long history with the game industry.

Russ had an 11 year career in games working for studios including Software Sorcery, 989 Studios, Verant, SCEA, SOE where he worked as a lead artist and art director.  He also started to studios and co-founded Havokware and Monkey studios, working in art management rolls including being studio head of Monkey Studios.

Russ has done 3D artwork, animation, concept art, character models, environment models, particle effects, sprite art and animation, scripting, voiceovers, sound effects, musical scoring, and producing within the game industry.


Fast Attack
Conqueror 1086
The Arrival
NFL Gameday 99
EverQuest The Ruins of Kunark
EverQuest Shadows of Luclin
EverQuest II
Twisted Metal 4